Measurement Service


We understand that not everyone has the confidence or the budget to purchase a new system.
Thus we offer a PDS measurement service for your samples.

In particular, this service will allow you to:
–  explore the system’s capabilities and suitability for your research prior to purchase or
–  obtain measurement results if only a one-time or temporary need for such ability exists


We currently offer three options:

–  A free-of-cost measurement of up to 5 samples for potential customers.
–  A free-of-cost measurement of more than 5 samples as an academic collaboration. (This would require a co-authorship in related academic publications. If your IP situation permits, a collaboration with our strategic academic partner at UNSW, Prof Hao, can be established.)
–  A fee involving measurement per sample, which has no further requirements.

All data regarding your samples are considered as strictly confidential by default. We are happy to sign your NDA if preferred.

For any further questions, we are happy to discuss. Please feel free to contact us.


Sample Requirements

To be able to measure with the current version of our system, your samples have to fulfill certain requirements.
Please contact us to discuss this in detail.